NSSF - host organizer in Oslo

Professor Lars Mehlum
The National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (NSSF) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, was established in 1996 by Professor Lars Mehlum. The 30 people employed at NSSF have research, training and dissemination of knowledge and experience as their main tasks. In addition to a wide range of clinical and epidemiological research studies, the centre operates a master’s program in suicide prevention, therapist training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and specialized courses in clinical suicidology. It also maintains several websites and publishes the peer-reviewed journal 'Suicidologi'. NSSF is the experienced organiser of many national and international conferences and seminars on suicide research and prevention that have been held over the past 15 years. More information about NSSF HERE


Lars Mehlum, Norway (Chair)
Vanda Scott, France (Development Consultant IASP)
Torgeir Stegane, Norway (Congress-Conference AS)
Ina Bekkevold, Norway (Congress Coordinator NSSF)
Anita Kjølsrud, Norway (NSSF)
Egil Haga, Norway (NSSF)
Anniken Dønvold, Norway (NSSF)
Wenche Andreassen, Norway (NSSF)
Hanne Holmesland, Norway (NSSF)